Tim Sandys is an artist in Glasgow, Scotland
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North Platte, NE (2016)

Digital 10:27

Filmed in Nebraska, USA

Film, audio and percussion by Tim Sandys 2016

With thanks to the Royal Scottish Academy and the Barns Graham Charitable Trust.

Tim Sandys traveled to the Bailey Yard in North Platte Nebraska. His research brief included the study of the town and the environment of the world's largest train yard, including the overall infrastructure and examples of both symbiotic imperative and alienating strain between the yard and the community serving it.

While studying the audio recordings of the yard's ambient sounds, complex rhythmic patterns of rolling stock were digitally isolated. The mathematical relationships of these sounds were extrapolated into 9/4 and 13/4 experimental percussion pieces that were later performed by the artist and edited to accompany the imagery of the Bailey Yard and it's neighboring town. Other elements within the audio track include a vocal rendering of religious and patriotic material left in the artist's motel room, the winter winds, and casual political exchanges in local bars and diners.


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